Monday, October 7, 2013

Fairbrossen Estate

MM and I discovered Fairbrossen Estate by accident. We were on our way to MyattsField Vineyard for the Strawberry Fayre, but the GPS gave us quite a wild goose chase, so we ended up at this place for a late lunch.

By late lunch, I meant we'd arrive at around 2pm and by then not much was available on the menu. Luckily we're not fussy people and decided to go for Seafood Platter (for 2) and a glass of wine for him and a cuppa of coffee for me.
His - Cabenet Sauvignon
Our Seafood Platter (serves 2) for $50
(Exmouth king prawns, smoked salmon, accompany sauces, seasonal salad, cheese, fresh fruits, olives, crackers and warm Turkish bread).
Though everything on our plates were nice, I still think it $50.00 is rather expensive for just a few pieces of prawns and a few slices of smoked salmon. Clearly the platter above looking a bit more like a mixture of everything rather than "seafood" likes.
For a "seafood" platter, I would expect something a bit more substantial than that.
I had my coffee after our meal and sadly, it was a disappointment! What put me off was the burnt taste of coffee in my mouth. I don't understand how other diners could swallow it but I couldn't?!
Fairbrossen Estate was an accidental discovery; service was ok though and the cafe has a lovely view overlooking the vineyards, but the chances of us returning for a second visit is very unlikely.

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