Thursday, September 26, 2013

Deli Chicchi

I haven't been back to Deli Chicchi for a while, but the last time we were there for brunch, it was divine!
For a change, MM and I decided to have fruit juice with our meals (instead of the usual coffee fix).
Our drinks - Watermelon juice ツ
Our breakfast/brunch ツ
His - Man vs Breakfast (eggs, bacon, roasted tomato, pork sausage, herbed potato rosti, Chicchi spicy beans served with toast) $25.90
Mine - Herbivores Breakfast (poached eggs, avocado, herbed potato rosti, mushrooms and tomato) $22.90
We must have been extremely hungry, because we devoured almost everything (apart from the rosti) on our plates in less than an hour! Service overall was quick and friendly with a laid back feel to it.
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