Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cheap [and delicious] Eats (lunch) under $10.00 - Perth CBD

If you work in the city you will know that lunches are not cheap, even Sumo Salad is expensive and it's only a salad! If you look around however, you will find that there are lots of places offering customers a great meal for $10.00 or less.
Inspired by other bloggers for their guide to Cheap Eats around Perth, below are a few of my lunch time favourites around the CBD - with photo illustrations of course!
Sushi at David Jones has Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) 2 sticks of 3 each for $6.50.
おいしい Oishii ツ ["delicious" in Japanese]
David Jones Foodhall Cafe on Urbanspoon

Caddy's Lunch Bar on Milligan Street has Combination Beef Noodle (Phở Đặc Biệt) for only $9.50 [cheaper than Mama Tran and delicious too!]
And who wouldn't want to sink their teeth into this delicious looking plate of Broken rice with lemongrass marinated pork chop for as little as $8.50? I did and what a happy little vegemite I was
And what about this bowl of Spring rolls with rice noodle (Bún Chả Giò) for as little as $7.50! Bargain!

Caddy's Lunch Bar on Urbanspoon More details on Caddy's Lunch Bar HERE .

Ruby Thai on 109 Murray St, Perth has $8.80 lunch menu [Chicken, Beef, Fish, Tofu and Vegaetables], other seafood dishes extra.

All meals come with a small plate of fruits and a bowl of soup.
Ruby Thai on Urbanspoon

City Provisions on Hay Street has a section for Bánh Mì Thịt [Combination Pork Roll] as well as other varieties of Bánh Mì for about $5.95 a roll. Delish!

City Provisions on Urbanspoon

Moana Coffee on Hay Street Mall (above Valley Girl) has lunch menu all under $10.00 - perfect for those on a budget!
Moana Coffee on Urbanspoon

Stuzzico on Milligan Street, Perth CBD has a selection of gourmet pizza for as little as $5.00 per serving.

Stuzzico Milligan on Urbanspoon

Pie Face on William Street, Perth CBD has the best pie ever - way better than Mrs Mac's for sure! I haven't try Jester pie before, but who would want Jester pie when you have something as delicious as this?!
Pie Face on Urbanspoon

Restaurant D'Nyonya Penang on Hay Street [close to Barrack Street], Perth has a take away lunch menu for as little as $6.50 [dine in extra].
More details on Restaurant D'Nyonya Penang HERE .
Mi Shanghai upstairs at the Anex 100 Murray Street, Perth has Beef Brisket with egg noodles soup for just $10.00 - it's not the same as Mak's Noodle in Hong Kong, but this is Perth and it is as good as it get for that amount! Serving size is huge with lots of noodles, beef brisket and baby bok choy *yum*
Mi Shanghai on Urbanspoon

Newton Circle on Level 3 Eatery Place, Carillon Arcade has some of the really cheap and affordable dishes 'cook on order' at most is $10.00 or under. Lunch time queue might look long, but they are very fast and efficient, so you won't have to wait long for the food to arrive. Condiments such as sauces and chilli are free of charge and are self-serving.
Newton Circle on Urbanspoon

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