Sunday, June 30, 2013

Country Road Cafe

June 27: A friend mentioned Country Road Cafe at work, so I dropped by to check it out. Country Road Cafe can be a bit hard to find, as its main entry is via Wolf Lane.
Food: a few vegetarian choices on the menu. Coffee: average, not the best, but thumbs up for the friendly staff and services.
Lunch time can be busy and food will take a while to come out. It is best to pre-order your food, an hour or so in advance if you are going in a big group.
Vegetarian Antipasto plate ツ
July 05: The girls and I usually get together for lunch on Fridays and today I booked at Country Road Cafe.
What took me by surprise was how they reserved the table booking! My name and booking time were written on the table itself! What a marvellous idea!
I called at 11am to pre-book our lunch order, so by the time we arrived, our food were ready for serving.
I don't usually have pasta or a lot of carbs for lunch. Carbs gives me Food Coma  and I definitely don't want any of that when I get back to the office afterward  but today I feel like pasta and that is what I had - CRC's Pasta of the Day and what a delight it was! The serving was huge and delicious too
The girls and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Thanks to the Chef for the wonderful meals and of course, excellent service from the waitstaff too.
Pasta of the Day $16.50 ツ
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