Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cheeky Sparrow

June 18: I work in the CBD and usually walk through Wolf Lane on my way to work and on this particular day, a sign on Cheeky Sparrow's front door caught my eyes. I stopped, looked and took a photo [Yes. I carried my camera with me everywhere!] 


I mentioned the deal to a best mate and we decided to drop by after work the following night [June 19], to try the Cheese & Wine Tasting.

June 19: I arrived first to grab some seats. My best mate arrived soon after. We waited for at least 10 minutes, grabbing the waitperson's attention every chance we could before one finally came over to serves us the tasting wine and a small plate of cheese arrived shortly after.

I have been to Cheeky Sparrow a few times before, for drinks with friends and the services from the bartenders upstairs were great, but this time around the services were very disappointing. It's not like the place were packed and super busy. There were only 1-2 tables of big groups. My friend and I lingered around for another 20 minutes or so to see if the service would be any better and obviously it didn't, so we stood up and left. Cheeky Sparrow was a great place to hang out, but the services just isn't up to scratch.

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